Junior Tennis

Junior Tennis

Our Year Round Academy accommodates all ages and levels 18 and under!

DOMINION RED BALL Academy, AGES: 8 years and Under.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 5pm – 6pm

Red Ball Tennis Academy is the introduction of tennis to children 8 and under using the latest equipment. Red Ball will introduce children to proper stroke production, foot work designed to help players move into proper hitting positions and develop basic rally skills. The overall emphasis of this program is to motivate children to learn tennis by having a lot of fun. This class is 1 hour and can be attended 1 to 3 times per week on Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday.



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm - 7pm

The Dominion Tennis Academy strives for excellence in the five most important aspects of a player's game: Character, Mental training, Physical Conditioning, Technical, and Tactical developments. Our Academy will enable students to reach their maximum potential as a player. The player will be consistently pushed with regard to his/her fitness and their mental toughness within competition. We will focus on improving stroke production and tournament preparation. We introduce match play and encourage these children to start playing USTA tournaments. A player may participate in our academy for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week.

DTA is a unique program. All of the players stretch together and travel together to tournaments or special events to create a sense of community and responsibility. Each player will feel they are part of a team. This is very important in what is a very individualistic sport. Our older more experienced players are expected to mentor their younger counterparts. Run alongside them in fitness, hit the occasional ball with them and generally show an interest in their tennis progression. We, DTA, are a family and all members take pride in themselves and their team mates.




Year Round Programs for all ages and Levels.  Contact the shop at 210-698-2288 and ask for Barry Mills or Daniel Cantu

For the serious Junior Player and for those just beginning!

Socialize and play tennis with your friends!


We want you to join our Dominion Tennis Academy! Starting at the age of 4 years old! Let’s take you to the next level!


Makes Perfect

We are here to have fun and learn! Practice makes perfect!



Sign up and keep your kids busy for the summer! Meet new friends and stay active!

Wimbledon, Wimbledon Plus and The DTA Academy Summer Program will begin June 9th.  Mighty Muscles will begin June 30th.    Register immediately as space will be limited.  We will following all CDC guidelines.

Wimbledon, Wimbledon Plus and Golf Tennis Programs will  follow this for camps #2, #3 and #4.  June 9th through June 26th. Tuesday through Friday.

Arrive at 830am with one parent or Guardian.  If you are Tennis Campers go to Courts.  If you are Golf Tennis campers go to Golf Scoreboard.

Tennis Campers will play from 830am- 10am.  A snack break from 10-1030am (**Please provide your own snacks and personal water jug**), and resume tennis from 1030am-12pm.  Pick up at 12noon.  No swimming available.

Golf Tennis Campers will meet at the scoreboard at 830am, play golf until 10am. A snack break from 10-1030am (**Please bring your own snacks and personal water jug**).  A Golf Professional will then bring your Camper to Tennis.


More updates to follow.  Please check here.



Click the link for the Summer Camp Application 


Fill out and send to Click here for more questions.



Pickleball Fun Groups meet on Thursday Evenings and Saturday Mornings.  Great for all ages!