Our Academy program has a level of play for all ages beginning at 3 ½ years through to the 17 year old nationally ranked player.

All of the following programs continue throughout the entire year.

DOMINION RED BALL CLINIC, AGES: 8 years and Under.  

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 5.00pm – 6.00pm

This innovative program is designed to introduce youngsters to this lifetime sport. All of our professional staff teaches this class keeping the emphasis on fun and learning. All the children will learn the basic grips, footwork, strength and agility, hand eye coordination and rules of the game. Our 8 & under tennis program makes playing tennis fun with modified equipment, rules and court size. All instruction is encouraging and informative, with a strong emphasis on learning the basics in a fun environment. A child may come once or twice a week.

DOMINION TENNIS ACADEMY AGES: 9-17yrs DTA Including Orange ball 10 and under

Monday through Thursday from 5.00pm-7.00pm  

The Academy strives for excellence in the five most important aspects of a player's game: Character, Mental training, Physical Conditioning, Technical, and Tactical developments. Our Academy will enable students to reach their maximum potential as a player. The player will be consistently pushed with regard to his/her fitness and their mental toughness within competition. We will focus on improving stroke production and tournament preparation. We introduce match play and encourage these children to start playing USTA tournaments.  A player may participate in our academy for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week.

DTA is a unique program. All of the players stretch together and travel together to tournaments or special events to create a sense of community and responsibility. Each player will feel they are part of a team. This is very important in what is a very individualistic sport. Our older more experienced players are expected to mentor their younger counterparts. Run alongside them in fitness, hit the occasional ball with them and generally show an interest in their tennis progression. We, DTA, are a family and all members take pride in themselves and their team mates.

Please contact:
Daniel Cantu at 
210-698-2288 or
or Julian Lopez at 210-698-2288 or 



For High School and Tournament Players
#1: June 6-8
#2: June 13-15
#3: June 20-22
#4: June 27-29
#5 July 4-6
#6 July 11-13
#7 July 18-20
#8 July 25-27
#9 Aug 1-3
#10 Aug 8-10

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