Golf Course Layout

The Dominion Country Club’s world-class golf course has been carefully sculptured to complement the graceful contours of the Hill Country while providing an exciting challenge. Course designer Bill Johnston, a former Texas Open champion and longtime P.G.A. professional, was determined the course would be both “an improvement on nature itself’ and a rewarding experience for players of all levels.

To accomplish this, Johnston incorporated several masterful innovations into his design which imaginatively distributes the course over some 260 acres of rolling hills and hardwood trees. The Dominion’s unique tee-off system, labeled the “4-Tee Challenge System” by the course designer, employs four separate and strategically located tees on each hole that both challenge and reward players of varying skills. With this system, the course ranges from 5,400 yards to 7,000 yards, depending upon the skills of the individual player.

The innovative course design assures that no Dominion player will ever tee off into the rising or setting sun. This kind of attention to detail has resulted in a golf course where each hole retains its own character, looking and playing differently while still preserving the overall continuity of the course.

Characteristic of this imaginative design is the 14th Hole, where Dominion players tee off from a majestic ridge. The hole skillfully blends a spectacular Hill Country view with a special challenge for Dominion golfers.
Situated along the banks of the Leon Creek, the course incorporates some 25 acres of man-made Lakes specially created to enhance the natural beauty of the environment. More than 60 sand traps have been carefully placed throughout the course to provide players with a rewarding challenge, and these traps are filled with fine white sand unique among San Antonio courses.

A true practice area has been incorporated into the design of the course. Here, Dominion golfers are provided with a practice tee with three distinct greens at 100 yards, 150 yards and 200 yards. This practice area allows Dominion golfers the opportunity to actually hit to a target while practicing, thus re-creating a realistic playing experience. Challenging, innovative and gracefully designed, The Dominion Country Club’s world-class golf course is both a breathtaking sight and a challenge to play.

 playing strategy

Par 4 - 409 Yds

Slight dogleg to the left. Watch that fairway bunker to the left side. Favor the right center of the fairway. It has a huge green, use one more club than you think here.

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