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Massage Services Available:
Therapeutic Massage: is sometimes used to indicate that the massage will be a little more intense than a pure relaxation massage and perhaps deal with long-term or chronic issues. The therapist uses more pressure and cross-fiber friction in order to get knots (also known as adhesions) to release.
Deep Tissue Massage: Deep tissue massage focuses on the deep layers of muscle tissues in an effort to release chronic patterns of tension.
Sports Massage: A sports massage is a type of therapy geared toward athletes and the particular stresses they place on their bodies. A sports-massage therapist is trained in applying techniques to help athletes avoid injuries, cool down after exertion and enhance their overall performance.
Relaxation: Relaxation massage is essentially the same as a gentle Swedish massage that uses smooth, gliding strokes. The primary purpose will be to help you relax.
Myofascial Release: is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain.  The therapy relaxes contracted muscles, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulates the stretch reflex in muscles.
AromaTouch: Most individuals encounter factors in daily life, from both their internal and external environment, that have negative effects on their overall health and well-being. These negative disturbances cause an imbalance in homeostasis, the natural balance of body systems and health. Homeostasis is the natural state of Such challenges, even when they do not directly result in disease, cause our bodies to function at a sub-optimal level. The AromaTouchâ„¢ Technique works to restore homeostasis, and minimize the impact of these factors.The technique was created to combat four systemic constants: stress, toxic insult, inflammation, and autonomic imbalance.  
With the use of Pure Certified doTERRA Essential Oils.    


Relax, revitalize, and renew under the care of our highly trained and experienced professional - Maria Freyre. Enjoy the privileges of Membership as you receive the personal care and services that add pleasure, beauty and relaxation all within the privacy of your Country Club. Maria has been extensively trained to provide the latest in nail treatments for men and women to help you feel your best.

Traditional Express Service for Hands or Feet
Manicure - 30 Minutes $20   Pedicure - 30 Minutes $30 
You will enjoy all the essentials of the Express service with a luxurious exfoliant and massage added for additional benefit. A truly wonderful treatment!

The Dominion Signature Manicure or Pedicure
Manicure - 60 Minutes $35  Pedicure - 1 Hour 15 Minutes $60 
Relax with a treatment that will give you smooth, glowing skin! A treatment of all the essentials, an exfoliant and a soothing paraffin treatment as your hands/arms or feet/legs are wrapped in a warm towel. Your skin is then rinsed with cool, leaving them soothed and tingling. Special attention is paid to massage of the hands/back or feet/legs. You will feel revived and relaxed at the same time!

Polish Change (Hands) - $15
Polish Change (Feet) - $15 
French Add On - $5
Paraffin Ad-On - $15 / Both $25 
Kids (5-12 yrs) Manicure - $10
Kids (5-12 yrs) Pedicure - $15 

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